Saints Restoration & Salvage


Saints Restoration & Salvage provide an ethical approach to the insurance industry for salvageable items of value after a claims led event. We will provide a transparent service to build strong, healthy B2B relationships for long term success.

Each piece will be individually assessed and given a revenue recovery plan in order to maximise the potential salvage opportunity for our client. This will be provided in a salvage and recovery report, which will recommend the best route for financial recovery.

My Assist Client Portal will be accessible with individual named access in order to allow the client full visibility of the salvageable items financial recovery process, final sale fee and incurred costs. All incurred costs are kept to a minimum to ensure maximum return to our clients.

All salvageable items are restored using the most up to date technical advancements and traditional methods. Restoration is an in-house service, therefore no additional margins are added to the estimated restoration costs our clients receive.

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SCI Group are passionate about removing all single use plastic from the Business.
All materials within production are biodegradable and all paper and cardboard products
are either recycled or from a recycled source.